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Additional Strokes to Muhiddin Kabiri’s Portrait

“Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are” – Russian proverb

In his publications, similar to sermons, he always emphasizes that one must always tell the truth, only the truth! However, he himself has been hiding this very truth for 15 years now. He has been living in Iran for all these years, has accepted the Shiite madhhab of Islam, and on Facebook (FB) indicates Lebanon as his place of his residence.
Saidyunus was married to the daughter of a well-known religious figure Mullo Marufjon who moved to Iran, became a Shiite, and then returned to Tajikistan, repented and renounced the Shiite’s son-in-law. And that’s why.
In the 2000s, Saidyunus sent his wife to Tashkent on a special assignment from the Iranian special services. The Uzbek special services apparently knew about the secret mission of his wife. In Tashkent, she was arrested and sentenced. Saidyunus did not wait for the release of his wife from captivity (why wait?! I must continue to live!) and married again. When he celebrated his honeymoon, his first wife lived out her last days in an Uzbek prison and died there.
Even at a time when the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) was legitimate, Kabiri strictly warned Saidyunus, by that time a Shiite: Do not write about us, otherwise we will be suspected of adherence to the Shiite madhhab of Islam!
When the Islamic Party was banned in 2015, the newly-minted Oyatullah Saidyunus became one of Kabiri’s main ideologists.

Ooo! This Tajik Baron Munchausen is a real character, not just a story, but a whole satirical novel! In this novel, I would put the following chapters:
– Chapter one. How Ravshan received refugee status in Canada.
– Chapter Two. How Ravshan was kicked out of American ‘Radio Ozodi’ (Radio Liberty).
– Chapter Three. How Ravshan, being a pizza delivery man, posed himself as a professor at the Canadian University and even posted a photograph on the internet ‘with his beloved students.’
– Chapter Four. How Ravshan, under the pseudonym Siyovushi Daleri, became the spokesman for Group 24. How witty guys from this group pranked him to believed that he would be the next president of Tajikistan!
– Chapter Five. How Ravshan was arrested in Canada for smuggling office equipment!
That’s enough! Further, a novel dedicated to this unfortunate person would be boring!
Ravshan is really a miserable man! He lives in fear all the time, because someone suddenly will tear off his mask from his face and show his true face! How then to live? Although this mask was ripped off more than once. But he hastily dressed her again. Two years ago at the FBI exposing him in a lie and deceit, once again tore off his mask. The next day, early in the morning, he called me from Canada and muttered in a trembling voice: “Ako! (Btother!). Do not write more about me! Please!”

I promised Timur that I would tell how he received the status of a political emigrant (FB, August 26, 2019). So the time has come. When I visited Tajikistan this summer, I was interested in the biography of the “dissident,” poet and translator, director of the Information Department of the National Alliance of Tajikistan. I learned a lot of interesting things. The Information Minister of Kabiri had no problems with the Tajik authorities when he worked as an observer for the Asia Plus newspaper. Problems arose in his family. While his wife and children lived in need, Timur often drank heavily. (Addiction to alcohol is a hallmark of Timur’s character.)
Then Kabiri invites him to SAFO TV, which he created in Moscow with Iranian money. The TV man’s meager salary (the stingy Kabiri could no longer pay) was enough to barely make ends meet. Colleagues on TV said that Timur often came to work drunk. Friends, well-wishers sympathized with him and suggested a multi-way scheme for obtaining the status of a political emigrant in Europe.
Timur, following their advice, went over the thresholds of international human rights organizations and poured out his soul without any hesitation – he was being pursued by Russian and Tajik special services! (I just can’t believe that Timur could get into the field of vision of the Russian special services!). But for the trusting human rights organizations, it worked. He was first sent to Ukraine, where he tried on himself the role of an information fighter against Russia, but to no avail. From Ukraine he ended up in France.
Finally, the poet’s cherished dream came true! Paris, shawarma, half-starved existence is already in the past!
He began to be called Ustod (teacher, mentor).
However, cheerful music did not sound long. People who knew Timur firsthand noticed immediately how he quickly turned into the “righteous” Mullah Timur. And they began to talk online about the real Timur. In social networks, he has become a laughing stock. Saimiddin Dustov, Safvat Burhonov, Khairullo Mirsaidov, Barot Kodiri, Marianna Aripova disgraced Timur in the FB so much that another would have hanged himself in his place.
And I wrote about him more than once. In particular, about how Timur in an interview with some stupid journalist called the IRPT the most influential political force in Central Asia! According to Timur, this party is so strong and influential that it can mediate between the warring factions of Afghanistan and reconcile them!
Timur was not ashamed at all. The concepts of honor, conscience, dignity, pride, self-esteem are unfamiliar to him. Nature completely deprived him of a sense of shame. Therefore, another regular shame, or rather a disgrace, he experienced calmly. Now, breadwinner of Timur Kabiri has a fierce hatred of Dodojon Atovulloev. His hired propagandists on social networks are constantly deploying a company of terror against Dodojon, trying to morally break him. Timur decided to keep up with other mercenaries. In an effort to earn an extra portion of shawarma, a pair of socks, a T-shirt, sneakers, a new backpack (a very necessary thing! Kabiri often takes Timur with him when traveling around Europe, like here without a backpack!) began to defame Dodojon on FB.
A weak person would get nervous and in anger would prove the opposite, – all this is a lie and slander! Dodojon would not be Dodojon if he nervously reacted to Timur’s slanderous attacks.
When I read Dodojon’s answer, after a long silence, I laughed for a long time and remembered a Tajik joke – ‘pasha dar lhoyai fil’ (elephant did not suspect that a mosquito was biting his balls)! I quote Dodojon: “If your apartment was flooded with cockroaches, hang a portrait of Timur in all the rooms, and all the cockroaches will instantly disappear!”

Here is another unfortunate person! He makes me feel sorry! In old age, to leave family, work and move to Europe, hoping for Kabiri’s handouts!
Alim first went to Poland. Upon learning that the benefits are scanty, he moved to Austria, lived there in a refugee camp. After a while, he was again deported from Austria to Poland in handcuffs. He endured all these humiliations, because there was no turning back. In Khorog, he still has debts in several banks. Running away from paying debts, Alim became a fighter for freedom and democracy.
5 – MAVJUDA SOHIBNAZAROVA, a little-known journalist.

She worked as a spokeswoman of Zaid Saidov. When Zaid was arrested, she was left without work, and Kabiri invited her to Europe. First she sought refugee status in Poland, then in Austria and Germany, but everywhere she was refused. Then she moved to the Netherlands, and all attempts to gain a foothold there were unsuccessful.
“The Tajik law enforcement authorities are guilty! If a criminal case had been charged in Tajikistan against apai (sister) Mavjuda, she could easily have been granted refugee status!” – once expressed indignation Kabiri’s son.
However, Mavjuda herself is also to blame. According to the established scheme, it was necessary to distribute several critical publications on the Tajik authorities on social networks. The Ministry of Internal Affairs would put her on the international wanted list. There would be no problem in European countries and for these publications I am being persecuted, save me!

She is also known on social networks as Khohar Humairo (sister Humairo), – this is how Kabiri refers to her. This is despite the fact that rumors are circulating on the internet about the mysterious relationship between Kabiri and Humairo. Weak journalist, but the luckiest and most successful “dissident”! Unlike other “refugees” gathered around Kabiri, Humairo did not have to go through humiliating procedures in refugee camps. And by some miracle, she received an annual scholarship at the Hamburg Fund of Politically Persecuted Persons.
When she first arrived in Germany, some journalist mentioned her on the list of Tajik journalists being persecuted by the authorities. This greatly disturbed her – she was not at all persecuted, but came to study! The author of the publications had to publicly apologize to her. Literally a year later, Khohar Humairo loudly declared: ‘I am an oppositionist journalist!’
Informed people gave her the nickname ‘Tangemka’. Remember the time when the streets of Dushanbe were filled with a tiny Chinese minibus Tangem? During peak hours, these cars became a life savers, – made their way through any traffic jams. Humairo as Tangem. Should someone criticize Kabiri, she quickly acts in his defense – he is not like that, he is good!
Of course, he is good! The expenses of the said fund for the annual Humairo scholarship received with Kabiri’s assistance amounted to more than 50 thousand euros!
Recently, Humairo made an international scandal out of the blue spreading the word that her father was summoned to Tajik law enforcement and asked: “Where is his daughter, and why did she become a propagandist of Kabiri and his party?”
Surprisingly, the OSCE, European journalistic organizations, and lobbyists of Kabiri made a fuss and overnight created in the person of Humairo the image of the Star of Tajik journalism, being persecuted by the authorities! And the Hamburg Fund, which was accused of unjustified scholarships to the new star got out of a sensitive situation.
Mavjuda, Khumairo, stroke number seven Shabnam (about her a little later) are needed for Kabiri, who changed the Islamist decoration to a democrat in Europe in order to demonstrate gender balance in the politics of the lying alliance.

Do you want to know how stars light up? Here is an example! Shabnam worked as a dishwasher in one of the cafes in St. Petersburg and did not dream of becoming a star. She was helped by the Tajik special services, who in the person of the dishwasher saw a threat to the country’s security and put her on the international wanted list through Interpol. Her time has come! Through Belarus, she tried to get to Poland, but was detained there for some time. Her detention became the main news in many European media. Belarusian special services released her. She reached Poland and with the help of the representative of the international organization Human Rights Watch for Central Asia Steve Sverdlov, not only received refugee status, but also became… a human rights activist! Yes, Yes! Shabnam is a human rights activist in Central Asia! Life was good!
Intimate photos of Shabnam and Steve appear on the internet, which are simply disgusting to look at.
Some woman on FB dared to mock these photos and caused a storm of indignation. Shabnam: “Ba shawhari man naras, medaronamata!” (Do not touch my man! I’ll rip you!) (Remember the film “Gentlemen of Fortune”?).
Now you can invite both mom and daughter to Europe from the Vose district of Tajikistan. And here the Tajik special services came to the help of Shabnam for the second time so that her star would burn even brighter. While flying to Europe, her mother and daughter were detained at the Dushanbe Airport, again, probably for security reasons, suddenly this old woman and granddaughter, having left Tajikistan, would join ISIS. After several days, an action under the slogan “Freedom for Shabnam’s mother and daughter!” was held on all websites, radio, and TV channels of Kabiri.
Shabnam is the case when you can sculpt a star from any dummy.
It was just a few strokes. I foresee the bewilderment of readers – but where is the portrait of Kabiri? I will answer the question with a question, – have I not painted his portrait?

ШТРИХИ К ПОРТРЕТУ МУХИДДИНА КАБИРИ «Скажи мне кто твой друг, и я скажу кто есть ты» – Русская народная пословица …

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